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MPO/MTP Fiber checker_Visual fault locator

MPO/MTP Fiber checker_Visual fault locator


1. Central Wavelength: 650 +/- 10 nm
2. Output Power: 1mW into Single mode fiber
3. Spectral Width: < 10 nm
4. Transmission: CW or 2.5 Hz pulse
5. Batteries: 3.7V 18650 Li-ion re-chargeable Battery
6. Operating Temp.: 0℃ ~ 50 ℃
7. Detection Distance: >6 KM
8. Dimension: 160mm(L)x84mm(W)x42mm(H)
9. Weight: 410g
10. Light Source: Class 3A laser diode


1. 12 channels MPO/MTP single mode and multi-mode connections
2. Guide pin switch can quickly and easily support MPO/MTP male & female patch cord in the same device
3. Each laser emitted by switch on/off setting , for user test 1~12 channels
4. Automatical function turns on each light one from 1 to 12 channel continuously
5. Fiber can be tested individually or all at once
6. Toggles the current laser light from continues light to flashing with 2.5Hz
7. Test fibre polarity, continuity and mismatch
8. Visual Fault Locator is equipped with a 650-nm visible laser diode

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